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Meet Ohana, the Technology Company

I always introduce Ohana as a technology company.

Some might disagree with me… our solutions drive clients’ marketing and promotional programs so many people consider us part of that industry. But I believe that at the core, what makes Ohana is our passion for and commitment to world-class technological service solutions.

For starters, our value proposition is powered by our proprietary ROCS software platform. Our initial investment in building a technological platform that was superior to anything our competitors had in place is what got Ohana noticed in the early years and led to us being named to the Inc. 500 and the Philadelphia 100. Today, our ROCS platform continues to drive our clients’ rebate and promotional programs, and enables us to offer sophisticated and seamless experiences to our clients and their customers.

We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our solutions and technology. As the marketing and promotional industry is moving forward, we want to make sure our solutions stay on the leading edge and continue to help differentiate us from our competitors. Our development team uses an agile approach and works in “sprints,” very short, defined development periods. We consider various inputs (for example, what our customers are requesting, brainstorms from our internal sales team, and the findings of our competitive analysis team to name a few) and then work to bring specific enhancements to our platform in a rapid manner.

Sometimes, what’s needed to stay ahead of the curve requires more than an adaptation. Last year, we made the decision to upgrade our infrastructure to .net. We’ve completed the migration and this investment means that we’re running a state-of-the-art system (good for our clients today and great for attracting the talent that will help us continue to push technology forward in the future).

Before coming to Ohana, I spent my career working for world-class technology companies like SAP. I came to understand the importance of strong strategic partnerships; the right partners make it possible to complement existing technology and services or to add to your offerings in a timely manner. Partnerships offer:
• Assistance in driving the adoption of your solutions in the marketplace
• Aid in scaling and reaching critical mass
• First-class service to your customer while obtaining your growth objectives
• New and complementary technology that allows you to stay ahead of competitors

At Ohana, I find myself routinely asking the question: How can we use our technology to enhance the customer experience, and who can help us?

This question has led us fantastic partnerships with companies like Mobeam (a mobile infrastructure solutions company), Clutch (a mobile development and loyalty company), and distribution partners such as NA Williams. These companies are just a few of the strategic partners we work with at Ohana.

In working towards being a leading-edge technological company, we’ve been granted multiple patents in our market space. We’re proud to have this competitive differentiator, and believe they demonstrate our commitment to providing a superior customer experience and while directly benefiting our retail and manufacturer clients running their promotions through Ohana. Everybody wins at Ohana.

I see technology at the heart of the value we provide to our customers and the driver of our continued success. So will I continue to call Ohana a technology company?

You better believe it.

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The Power of Suggestion – Working with Clients to Maximize Rebate Programs

Our Client Delivery team takes prides in having a consultative relationship and sharing our experience with our clients. We like to think that our clients are looking for a trusted advisor that can do more than take their order and send it back to the kitchen.

big_ideas Case in point: One of our new clients this year was shocked that we wanted to set up a discovery meeting with her team followed by a design meeting. She was so used to just receiving a form from her previous rebate partner, checking off the details of her request, emailing it back and not hearing from her account team again until there was a bill to send.

None of us on the Ohana Client Delivery team can even fathom just taking client orders and simply handing them over to be implemented by our Ops and IT teams. We are problem solvers and we tap into Ohana’s team of industry veterans to help devise the best solution for our clients.

We like being in the thick of things. We’re hubs, not spokes. And we’re eager to share everything we’ve learned over the years with our clients so that their time and money is spent building programs that are going to deliver results.

As for the example above – our new client was thrilled that we wanted to sit down and discuss ideas for her program. We were full of questions: What was she trying to achieve? How urgently did she need to have it? What would be easy, what would be challenging? How does this fit into her short-term and long-term marketing strategy? Does she even have a long-term strategy? The facts we uncovered, and the ideas we generated, during these meetings led to a much more productive relationship, and to much more thoughtful and successful incentive programs.

As you consider vendors, whether in the incentive marketing space like Ohana or in any support or services function, I encourage you to explore those who are willing to be creative and supportive partners (and, not just order takers).

Mike Avon, Director, Client Delivery

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57 Channels and Nothing On: Tips for an Engaging Omnichannel Strategy

OmnichannelOmnichannel: it’s the latest marketing buzz word.  Marketers are clamoring about reaching consumers using every available channel of communication, and brands are scrambling to put the strategy in place.  Mobile apps are being built, web pages are being crafted more responsively, and social media outlets are being leveraged.

But is the content keeping up?  Oh look, the local appliance store is having a 10% off sale…again.  I’ve started ignoring those alerts like my friend’s Facebook posts after an episode of Breaking Bad (let me guess: it was AWESOME!!!!).

Whether you’re reaching across all channels or focusing on those that your customers use most, the content needs to be engaging.   Promotions are a great way to catch someone’s attention, but your portfolio needs to be dynamic.  The good news is there are a lot of promotional tools to choose from: rebates, coupons, and sweepstakes just to name a few.    Mixing a few of these into your marketing strategy will help your communications break through the din and increase consumer engagement.

Here are some other important points to remember on the road to omnipresence:

  • Be Consistent:  If your mobile customer parks themselves in front of a laptop, make sure they’ll have access to the same information they’ve been getting on their phone.
  • Be Responsive: Consistency is definitely important, but don’t make a mobile user have to pinch and swipe their way to presenting a coupon at the register.
  • Make Buying Easy: You’ve got their attention.  That’s great, but it’s fleeting.  Don’t miss out on a sale because the consumer couldn’t figure out how to take advantage of a deal immediately.

John Deal, Director, Product Management

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