What is ROCS®?

ROCS®, Return of Customer Spend, is a methodology created by Ohana that uses data for continuous improvement of rebates and other promotional marketing programs, helping you acquire new customers and keep them buying from you.

A ROCS® strategy deploys consumer-friendly deals, rebates, and rewards, harnessing the marketing dollars you’re already spending and channeling those dollars directly back to you in the form of incremental sales.

re-Writing Rebates with ROCS

How Does Ohana’s ROCS® Platform Work to fix Rebates?

The ROCS® Platform uses thoughtful interface design and automated processes to make the entire promotional experience easy for your customers.

Influence Consumer Behavior by presenting the most appealing offers (shaped by insights from promotion data you’re already collecting). Rebates influence 65% of consumers deciding what brand to purchase, and a relevant ROCS® offer can help you seal the deal.

Modernize the Process for Customers by putting everything online. The ROCS® Platform allows customers to make their rebate/reward submission via a website or their mobile device. Gone are the days of mailing long forms, making copies of receipts, sealing and sending an envelope, and then waiting in the dark. The ROCS® Platform simplifies and expedites the rewards process by using today’s technology to support customers and keep them informed in real-time.

Make Rewards More Rewarding by offering your customers various payout options so they can tailor their payout to maximize their reward. Best of all, the payout options presented drive repeat purchases to you! Consumers ranked “Choice of Rebate Payout” the number one feature they desire, and Ohana’s ROCS® platform lets program sponsors provide targeted payout options. Thanks to our patented technology, the ROCS® platform can even aggregate rewards, providing customers with the thrill of a big payday by combining multiple rebates/incentives into a single payout.

Expand a One-Time Transaction into a Long-Term Customer Relationship. Guiding customers with reward dollars in-hand to spend back with you is the core of the ROCS® strategy. Ohana’s ROCS® Platform is revolutionizing promotional marketing, collecting detailed consumer data and using that data to power ongoing marketing efforts. With targeted follow-on offers, and rewards paid out in the form of gift cards or products/services, ROCS® enables your marketing programs to convert your promotional dollars directly into incremental sales.

With Ohana, EVERYBODY WINS – consumers enjoy a better retail experience and you generate increased sales and increased customer loyalty.


I want to fix my rebate program! How does ROCS® work for me?

Choose your business type below to learn how Ohana’s ROCS® Platform can help you:

Rebates for Retailers

Ohana helps Retailers drive sales, turning one-time promotions into long-term, profitable customer relationships.

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Rebates for Service Providers

Ohana helps Service Providers acquire new customers and maintain longer, more profitable customer relationships.

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Rebates for Manufacturers

Ohana helps Manufacturers sell more units, increase brand awareness, and open up direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities.

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