Ohana’s Open Architecture Makes Rebates a Seamless Part of Your Customer Experience

apiToday’s web experience is all about instant gratification.  Last year, research done by Fast Company found that 74% of customers leave a website if it doesn’t load on their smartphone in less than 5 seconds

Ohana’s Technology Team knows how important it is for anything you add to your website—such as our rebate application—to work seamlessly with the rest of the site and not disrupt the customer experience.  We also know that integration needs to be as near plug-and-play as possible to avoid burdening your IT staff with a huge coding effort.

That is why we’ve designed a powerful, flexible web application programming interface (API).  Non-technical readers, think of the web API as a simplified means of remote software applications and components interacting with each other over the internet.

Exposing a web API allows us to create seamless integration between various client applications and our applications.  It enables clients to provide rebate submission, reward status, and payment choice from their own website.  The REST architecture is lightweight, making use of standard AJAX requests to execute functionality quickly “behind the scenes” so that the customer doesn’t even notice a transition.

The web API also gives our clients the flexibility to deliver a responsive experience that translates cleanly across different device types (tablet, smartphone, etc.)   So you can not only add promotional functionality to your website, but also to your mobile application so your customers can take advantage of promotions everywhere they shop.

Our platform can also help clients understand consumer behavior as their customers hop back and forth between the online and offline world.  We helped one client easily add a deal to their website that triggered a single-use coupon to be emailed to their consumer.  The coupon was redeemed through the client’s dealer network, and tracked back through the Ohana platform.   All the details of the promotion – from engagement to redemption and purchase – were automatically reported to the client on a daily basis.

Consumer demands on technology are high, and Ohana’s engineers work hard to make sure our clients roll out promotional programs that meet those demands with minimal launch effort.  We like the challenge.

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