Ohana Has Your Back

More and more, I find myself giving this piece of business advice to the younger folks in my life:  Be the kind of person that people enjoy working with and can depend on.

It sounds almost too simple, but every day I see how much this matters.  Placing value on relationships and creating personal connections with the people you do business is the way will have a huge influence on what kind of success you can experience in your career.

When there is trust and familiarity between you and your business partners, there is a tremendous amount of creativity and problem-solving.  Not to mention the confidence and camaraderie that comes with knowing that the person on the other of the phone call really and truly will have your back when you find yourself in a sticky situation.keep calm

Our Client Delivery team here at Ohana gets tons of phone calls every week from our clients and even their reps out in the field asking for support, advice and “how-to”.  And that’s exactly how we think it should be.  We believe that it’s our job to support our clients and their teams on anything from a simple request or question to an actual step-by-step walk-through of a specific process.  These services are available throughout the business day, and can be accessed by any method that is convenient to the retailer or representative, be it direct call or an email.

We believe that having your back means going beyond a few relationships at the program sponsor’s HQ, and means being available to support the retailer level, and ultimately ripples through to the consumer.  Translation:  any ‘John Doe’s Tire Shop’ with a manufacturer rebate program in place has access to our team to make sure the customer is fully taken care of.

We know it can be crazy out there— the fast paced retailer floor, dealing with an irate customer, things not going as planned—and that this is where you make it or break it with your customers.  So we have built our Client Delivery team around the idea of accessibility so that our clients have access to a subject matter expert/advocate/advisor/partner who can provide responsive and dynamic solutions for situations as they unfold.

We’re also working proactively to help you get ahead of the craziness.  Our client advocates are constantly looking at program data to proactively attack potential issues.

So next time you’re in a pinch, don’t panic.  If you’re a partner of Ohana, we’ve got your back.

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