Making It All Add Up: Ohana’s Finance Team Simplifies Fund Reconciliation for Multiple Rebate Programs

Many of Ohana’s clients run multiple rebate programs throughout the year, some even have several going on simultaneously at any given time.  This is great from a sales and marketing perspective, but can make it challenging to manage the payout to customers and properly account for the

Our Finance team takes that burden off of our clients.  We begin by working with the client at the outset of the program to understand exactly what area of that company is funding the program and the details of the offer.  We take special care to make sure promotions are setup and reported correctly, so the Appliance team doesn’t get stuck paying the shipping on the footballs the Electronics team sent out to their customers.

We also work with clients to set up (and then manage) a draw down account to ensure that customers are paid out promptly.  About half of our customers take this approach and don’t need to worry about making weekly payments to fund the promotions in a timely manner.  Reconciliations are maintained by us and sent to the client periodically.

Throughout the redemption and payout period, we provide reporting that helps our customers see exactly where their promotional dollars are going.  We offer reporting at the company, department, brand and product levels in order to give our customers an up-to-date perspective through the most appropriate lens.  We also offer detailed categorical reporting so that customers can see what the detailed costs are for their promotions, from postage to consumer awards.

Our goal is to arm clients with the financial information they need to make informed business decisions, and to establish clear communication and reporting from the start so that there aren’t any late-in-the-game surprises.

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