Customer Get Choice Throughout Ohana’s Rebate Process

One of the main reasons Ohana’s ROCS platform appeals to our clients is that it offers them the ability to provide customer choices.  And our clients know:  Customers Love Choices.

Much research has been done on the topic, and findings consistently tell the same story.  Consumers are happiest when they are given the option to choose and find more value in a reward which they selected than one that was selected for them.

So we’ve taken this knowledge and build our ROCS platform to give our clients’ customers the ability to make choices through the process.  It begins with requesting a reward.  Ohana’s Rewards Centers can be customized to offer consumers the ability to submit their rebate or incentive information in a variety of ways.  One client’s Reward Center allows its customers to find a rebate form online, use their receipt to submit online, or even send a digital photo of their receipt to submit their request.

Once a customer is in the system, we offer a variety of customer support channels so that consumers can stay up-to-date on their reward status, or get an answer quickly if they have a question.  They can also change from one reward type to another if they want.  Ohana sends out real-time status notifications if a program sponsors select them, and consumer service reps are available by phone or by email.

A key place in the process we offer consumer choice is when it comes to selecting rewards.  Extensive research has been done on the subject and a recent consumer survey found that 84% of consumers prefer a choice between rewards rather than a single reward option.   So Ohana’s platform supports programs that offer customers their choice of rewards.  Consumers are able to select from card products like prepaid cards and gift cards, merchandise, even PayPal.  (And knowing that consumers are likely to select the reward that gives them the most spending power, our clients love to offer a higher value gift card for their own goods or services to drive future sales at their location.)

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