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Is Loyalty Built Into Your Rebate and Incentive Programs?

LoyaltyThere is a lot of talk about “loyalty” programs these days, and a thoughtfully-run loyalty program certainly can increase customer retention and drive sales.  But, whether your organization has a full-fledged loyalty program or not, there are ways you can build loyalty loops into your existing incentives and promotions that can drastically improve sales and customer retention.

For example, if you’re running rebates, sweepstakes, SPIFFs, and/or other similar programs, and are paying out your customers via check, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build loyalty and drive follow-on purchases.  Why?  Because once you send a check, you lose all control of where that payout money is spent.  The check is cashed, the customer is as good as gone, and now you have to spend more resources to win her next purchase from you.

By paying out rebates and other incentives with card products, like branded prepaid cards or gift cards, you give your customers incentives that drive the short-term behavior you desire while also keeping her (and her payout) within your ecosystem.


At Ohana, our marketing team is constantly working with our clients to promote incentives that not only provide sales lift in the short term, but also systemically drive increased loyalty and the return of customer spend (or ROCS(TM) as we like to call it).

Check out this case study, which describes how one Retailer used prepaid card products to drive over $10,000,000 in incremental sales!

Or, contact us – we’re here to help, and we love this stuff!


Peter Albers, Executive Vice President, Digital and Marketing

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