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Ohana Partners with Linkable Networks to Deliver Card-Linked Rebates and Incentives

Ohana is excited to announce it has partnered with Linkable Networks to enable the delivery of rebates and other incentive rewards to customer credit or debit cards.  Full text of the press release can be found below:


BOSTON — (April 23, 2014)Linkable Networks, the card-linked offers-based shopper marketing and loyalty platform, today announced a partnership with Ohana Companies, a rebates and promotional marketing platform for retailers and manufacturers, and, a shopping service that helps consumers save cash, to streamline the clunky mail-in rebate model by allowing consumers to link rebates, deals, and other loyalty incentives to their credit or debit card.


“This partnership extends our reach, benefitting more customers and retailers” said Mark Roszkowski, SVP Corporate & Business Development at Linkable logo-linkable-networksNetworks. “We are thrilled to continue to expand the card-linked space with Ohana and” Through the partnership, Ohana’s retail and manufacturing clients can include card-linked offers as part of their incentive marketing portfolio. By coupling Linkable Networks’ back-end solution to Ohana’s next-generation incentive processing services, shoppers now have the customer-friendly option of seamlessly transferring rebates, coupons, loyalty points, and other incentives directly to their credit or debit card without additional steps.


“Retailers and manufacturers use Ohana’s Return of Customer Spend (ROCS™) platform to turn rebates into powerful marketing tools.  Our ROCS™ Platform provides a modern-day customer experience that shoppers love, and leverages the attention and data shoppers provide to drive additional sales and increased OhanaLogocustomer loyalty for our clients,” said Eric Rubino, President and COO at Ohana. “By partnering with Linkable Networks, shoppers can redeem rebates and deals directly back to their card of choice, and we can present shoppers meaningful follow-on offers that increase sales and loyalty for our retail and manufacturer clients.  Increased convenience and better deals for shoppers, simplified operations and increased profits for our clients – everybody wins!”


In addition,, an online shopping service that provides some of the best deals on the Internet and makes it dead-simple to save money shopping, has integrated Linkable Network’s card-linked offers to further improve its consumer-facing offerings. will promote rebate and savings offers that credit savings directly back to a shopper’s card of choice. The partnership also means that is now part of The Linkable Network (TLN), which is comprised of shopper marketing content publishers, mobile shopping applications and banks and reaches more than 100 million visitors.


“ prides itself on making it as easy as possible for you to save cash shopping, providing the best discounts, coupons and deals.  By joining TLN, we are now able to offer more deals to more people and we’re able to provide them with a simple redemption solution that they can use online, via their mobile device, or in store,” explained Peter Albers, President at


Linkable Networks advances the card linked offer shopper marketing and loyalty category through its ability to generate relevant offers at the stock keeping unit (SKU) or product level, bridging the gap between traditional coupon clipping and modern day technology. This relationship marks a change in how consumers can save and gives merchants the ability to drive traffic, increase basket size and achieve 100% attribution from online or traditional media to in-store and or online purchase.


About Ohana Companies, Inc.

Ohana Companies transforms inefficient, costly incentive marketing initiatives into loyalty programs that drive profit and efficiency. Ohana’s  Return of Customer Spend (ROCS™) platform provides turn-key solutions that fix the broken rebate model that has frustrated consumers, retailers and manufacturers for decades. Ohana’s patented and patent-pending technology and processes change the way consumers, retailers and manufacturers participate in rebates, promotional marketing, channel incentives, and employee perk programs, ensuring that Everybody Wins.


About, Inc.’s free shopping service makes it dead-simple for you to save money on all your online purchases.  Featuring over 1,500 retailers (including some of the biggest merchants in the world), has you covered – plane tickets to toy planes, the latest in fashion to drugstore standards, new tech gadgets to office supplies, home appliances to outdoor gear!  Simply start your shopping at, click and shop as you normally would, and you’ll earn cash back automatically.  No forms to complete, no bar codes to snip, no envelopes to stuff, no stamps to lick – everything is automatic, and you’ll receive your payout as a check, PayPal payment, or directly to your credit or debit card. Give back … to yourself.


About Linkable Networks, Inc.

Linkable Networks’ shopper marketing and loyalty platform drives consumer engagement, acquisition and retention while providing leading retailers and CPG/MFG brands pin-point analytics on consumer shopping behaviors and patterns. Linkable Networks’ patented technology enables brands and retailers to reach consumers with targeted whole store, SKU-level and loyalty card linked offers in any media type, providing 100% attribution from advertisement to point of sale. Retailers and brands can deploy offers across The Linkable Network™ (TLN)’s 10,000 online and mobile publishers or leverage Linkable Network Platform™ (LNP) and manage their own card linked shopper marketing or loyalty program. Linkable Networks bridges the gap between advertisers, brands, and consumers, leading the way in the transformation of the modern shopper marketing and loyalty model. To learn more, please visit us on LinkedInFacebook and @Linkables on Twitter.


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Can you beat “showrooming”? Yes, but you need the right promotions.


Showrooming is the fear of every brick-and-mortar retailer. Shoppers wander up and down store aisles to get a real-life view of merchandise, then whip out their smartphones and make their purchases online via a discount websites.  These shoppers take advantage of the inventory and extensive capital investment (more…)

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“Old School” Rebates Frustrate Your Customers *AND* You. There Is A Better Way.

grrIt’s a fact – customers hate “old school” mail-in rebates.

Whether intentional (to drive breakage) or unintentional (clunky internal processes, mail-in processing confusions, poorly-planned payout methods), the old way rebates were run left a bad taste in customers’ mouths and didn’t provide the ROI rebate sponsors desired.

Take this post by Daily Breeze contributor Muhammed El-Hassan. Like so many other consumers, he loves the idea of a deal and the promise of the rebate.  But, after being let down, he feels cheated and blames the cellular phone provider for running a bad rebate program.  Think this makes Muhammad more likely to switch providers when his contract is up?  You bet.  Think he’ll refer his friends and family to his provider?  Not likely.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  The technology, systems, and strategies exist to create rebate and incentive programs that make consumers happy, love your brand, and buy from you again.  These same strategies can also drive more sales and better program ROI for you!

At Ohana, these “Everybody Wins” programs are what we power for our clients every day.  With solutions and strategies like paperless/online rebates, Rewards Centers to act as customer portals, aggregation of multiple rebates (from multiple funders) into a single customer payout, and even streamlined mail-in programs that digitize submissions so users can look up status online, Ohana fixes the issues with “old school” rebates and turns them into loyalty-loop promotions that consumers and rebates sponsors love.

Don’t make your customers fight Rebaterus like Dilbert (and, for more proof of customer frustration, read the comments at this link!).

We launched Ohana because we’re certain rebates, when run thoughtfully to drive short-term sales lift while keeping an eye towards long-term customer loyalty, can be a fantastic part of your marketing portfolio.

For more ideas/proof, check out these case studies:

Have questions?  Comments? We love this stuff, it’s what we do!  Get in touch, we’d love to talk about it more …


Peter Albers, Executive Vice President, Digital and Marketing

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Is Loyalty Built Into Your Rebate and Incentive Programs?

LoyaltyThere is a lot of talk about “loyalty” programs these days, and a thoughtfully-run loyalty program certainly can increase customer retention and drive sales.  But, whether your organization has a full-fledged loyalty program or not, there are ways you can build loyalty loops into your existing incentives and promotions that can drastically improve sales and customer retention.

For example, if you’re running rebates, sweepstakes, SPIFFs, and/or other similar programs, and are paying out your customers via check, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build loyalty and drive follow-on purchases.  Why?  Because once you send a check, you lose all control of where that payout money is spent.  The check is cashed, the customer is as good as gone, and now you have to spend more resources to win her next purchase from you.

By paying out rebates and other incentives with card products, like branded prepaid cards or gift cards, you give your customers incentives that drive the short-term behavior you desire while also keeping her (and her payout) within your ecosystem.


At Ohana, our marketing team is constantly working with our clients to promote incentives that not only provide sales lift in the short term, but also systemically drive increased loyalty and the return of customer spend (or ROCS(TM) as we like to call it).

Check out this case study, which describes how one Retailer used prepaid card products to drive over $10,000,000 in incremental sales!

Or, contact us – we’re here to help, and we love this stuff!


Peter Albers, Executive Vice President, Digital and Marketing

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